Teachers' Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q: Is ELT Buzz Teaching Resources free?

    A: Yes, free (registered) users can use the platform and download free resources.However, most content is restricted to Premium (paid) members. Upgrade - we need your support!

  • Q: How much does Premium cost and what are the benefits?

    It's the best value for any lesson library on the web. We have a variety of subscriptions. Best value is a year subscription ($29.95). No recurring billing. Schools can also purchase subscriptions for all their teachers. We'll send an "access code" teachers can use to upgrade and access the whole library.

  • Q: Why use ELT Buzz Teaching Resources and not some other site?

    A: Simply put - quantity and quality. Fun leveled readers students WANT to read. Secure teacher resource storage and sharing. Unlike other sites where resources are "dumped", we edit and ensure the quality of all teaching resources. New resources weekly! Lastly, you support a teacher like yourself. Run for and by a teacher with decades of material and curriculum development experience.

  • Q: Do you have digital materials?

    A: Yes, it's called Go Digital. Hit the Go Digital button and you can assign any file for students to fill in, match, comment, complete online. They will be sent a link by email or Google Classroom. Teachers can also mark and manage all student submissions. Students can return back to their work.

  • Q: How do I find what I need?

    Use our search feature on the home page. Or click any tag describing each lesson resource to find similar lesson materials. Also, each week we send out a newsletter with helpful information. Or just message us - we'll help you!

  • Q: Do you have lesson materials for children?

    A: Yes. So many! Spelling, tracing sheets. Vocabulary exercises. Flashcards. We have resources for all levels and ages. Also, a complete set of instructional presentations for teaching English.

  • Q: There is a file that is under copyright protection, how can I report this?

    A: Via our report abuse page. Thank you for reporting this content! It will be reviewed and removed asap. Look at the bottom of any page.